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Laser ultrasonic testing of titanium alloy parts inside the directed energy deposition additive manufacturing chamber (Conference Presentation) Chaitanya Bakre, Gerald T. Boddie, Cory D. Jamieson, Abdalla R. Nassar, Edward W. Reutzel, Cliff J. Lissenden

Intending the work as a supplement to the required hands-on laboratory and field training, he offers 14 chapters discussing acoustic emissions, electromagnetic testing method, laser testing methods, leak testing methods, liquid penetrant tests, magnetic particle testing, neutron radiographic testing, radiographic testing method, thermal/infrared testing method, ultrasonic testing, vibration ...

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Laser beams used to excite and detect acoustic waves in specimens. Laser/acousto-ultrasonic technique entails no mechanical contact between specimens and testing apparatus. Apparatus located at relatively large distances (meters) from specimens, making it possible to test specimens too hot for contact measurements or located in inaccessible places, vacuums, or hostile environments.

For a non-contact, non-destructive quality evaluation, laser ultrasonic testing (LUT) has received increasing attention in complex manufacturing processes, such as additive manufacturing (AM). This work assessed the LUT method for the inspection of internal …

Ultrasonic level sensors are good in many of these applications because of their ability to handle adverse conditions. Object detection required in dirty or wet environments where the targets are fairly slow moving is potentially a good fit for ultrasonic sensors. Our IRU-2000 series is …

FOR PARTS AND SERVICE: 815.235.6020 EXT 129 UPC Cleaning Test Samples. The following is a partial list of cleaning tests done at the UPC test lab for various customers. These tests are just a sample of the hundreds performed and are meant to provide an example of the types of parts that can successfully be cleaned in a UPC system.

Non-Destructive Testing / NDT From advanced piezoelectric ceramics that detect flaws in jet engine components to custom ultrasonic transducers for medical imaging, Piezo Technologies develop advanced piezoceramics, piezoelectric transducers and custom-manufacture integrated ultrasonic transducers and devices .

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For over 60 years B&K Precision has provided test and measurement solutions to customers from a wide range of fields, including research and development, product design, industrial maintenance, electronic field service, production line testing, and education. However, when the company began in 1948 in a garage in Chicago its specialty was tools ...

A recent market study on the global Blood Flow Measurement Devices (Ultrasonic Doppler, Laser Doppler and Electromagnetic Blood Flowmeters) market reveals that the global Blood Flow Measurement Devices (Ultrasonic Doppler, Laser Doppler and Electromagnetic Blood Flowmeters) market is expected to reach a value of ~US$ XX by the end of 2029 growing at a CAGR of ~XX% during the forecast …

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Since our founding in 1978, Laser Technology, Inc. (LTI) has been the world leader in manufacturing state of the art highspeed laser-based NDT systems, quality testing services and superior training to the aerospace, electronics, marine, medical, rail and civil engineering industries.

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